Eurovision song remixed by Serbian DJs

Latvia’s Love Injected has been transformed into a brand new song

Norbert Belec and Zsolt Hangya, also known as Beller and Hansol, two youngsters from Senta, Serbia who already made their debut on the international music palette with their own style are now looking for new challenges. Latvia’s Eurovision song (Love Injected by Aminata) has been officially remixed and you can listen to a preview of the track down below.



Beller: This is a whole new project from us which features progressive-melodic sounds. It has been our plan for quite some time to start something and we sat down to this particular project three months ago.

You’ve remixed a well-known song which placed sixth at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. How did you get so far in such a short notice?

Hansol: Well, both of us has gathered an audience on the international front and we made new friends. This is a really big help and we can still benefit from it in the future. Beside the signed contract with D.O.N.S. at Kingdom Kome Cuts, I also have a very good relationship with him. He helped us a lot and told us to go ahead with the remix. The Latvian contester plays beautifully with her voice, so it was a pleasant feeling to work with her vocals.

Beller: Hansol not only shows respect towards D.O.N.S. but he also forwards his messages to me. It’s a really healthy, two-sided communication and that’s why we can work together successfully. We chose this particular song ourselves, we really liked it.

How did you get ahold of the rights for the official remix?

Hansol: D.O.N.S. already heard the song before the contest, he was immediately mesmerized by Aminata so he acted right away and got the rights. The song itself gave us a great starting point and we joined the other DJs/producers after they released the second remix pack.

Beller: And D.O.N.S. didn’t even know then that Latvia would finish sixth. It seems like he had a feeling about it.

A lot of people say that the Eurovision Song Contest turned into a political competition and the songs are subsidiary. Did you follow this year’s Eurovision?

Beller: To be honest, I have never watched the contest, I didn’t follow this year’s nor the previous ones. But when I heard Aminata’s song, I can definitely say that I didn’t regret it.

Hansol: I’m aware of all the fuss surrounding this show but I can just repeat the same things my partner said. Is it a political thing? I don’t know and I don’t really care. The singer has an amazing voice, that’s all. That’s why we decided to remix the song.

Both of you like tech and tech house. You have managed to sell your own tracks to well-known international publishers but this time you decided to try with a remix. Is it easier to get acknowledgements with this kind of music?

Beller: I believe it’s really important for everyone to have their own style. There are just a few interesting individuals nowadays in the electronic music industry. I think that our own tracks matter just like the remixes. The latter has some advantage because more people hear it – the followers of the original author and our followers too.



Can you tell me about your collaboration?

Hansol: We had the luck to make the song just like we imagined. When we start working on a new remix, we already have something to work with. We have the original context and our imagination. Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans and we rarely have the time to sit down together in our little studio, so we talk through the internet. If we feel that something is missing, we make suggestions to one another. But the last bits and pieces always take their places when we have time to meet personally.

What about the title, GVRMNT?

Beller: Well, it’s an inside joke. We both study economics on some level at the university and we decided to sit in the Prime Minister’s chair, at least in our imagination. We like to make our case and present our ideas through music.

You finished the remix. Now what, how do you promote it?

Hansol: The publisher helps a lot. You can surely hear it on internet radios and at festivals here and there. If I have the chance, I will play it to at local clubs. I honestly think we made a great job this time.

The first 2 minutes of the debute remix:

You can read our article in Hungarian here!

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