As many false notes as many empty seats

Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Budapest


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Like a bomb, the news exploded in May that Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing in Hungary after 20 years. It’s not a surprise that I also wanted to go as a big fan, so I completely planned my 1st of September, the holy day when the Californian (demi)gods are on stage in Budapest. The first thing that came into my mind, is that I’ll catch the first train after the school welcoming, and if I have to, I’ll go to the Sports Arena in my Sunday best, where the members of the band will greet me, we will be best friends, and we will continue the tour together. There was only one mistake in my perfect plan: that there were no more tickets in an hour.


When I finally woke up from the lethargy and stopped thinking about why god is hating me, the organizers had corrected the plan, and asked the guys to repeat the concert once more. So I could buy a ticket for the next day a moment after the very last minute – actually, for a quite good place –, so I was happy to start the new school year like this.
Days were passing by, and September has arrived too early –but so did the big day. We had a ticket for seat, so we didn’t have to wait for 2-3 hours, we just arrived when the duo called Deap Vally started. ’ Not bad music, not bad music, but I wish I wouldn’t see them!’– said my mother next to me. Why did she say that? Well, the sight could have been a bit weird for the first time, because the two American girls were wearing colorful overalls during their half an hour long concert. They didn’t invite the audience, maybe sometimes they tried to make us clap our hands, but it didn’t work. They praised us after the show, I almost could feel the great enthusiasm of the Hungarian people: ’Dammit, don’t thank me, I didn’t come because of you!’


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Red Hot Chili Peppers were quite on time, they were only late 15 minutes – this is nothing compared to other artists. They started with my favourite, By the way – that’s why it hurts so much. Anthony Kiedis tried so hard to sing it in a very good way – I can tell you, this is the reason he failed it. I hoped he only did it wrong because it’s a difficult one, and I was right. I only met as many false notes as many empty seats: not much. The members of the band really wanted to entertain us, they were joking in the breaks. Flea did his best: once he went back to the stage on hands. For me, Josh Klinghoffer’s Beatles-covers were the best – he was the least active man, but he really did Blackbird and  I want to hold your hand great. Maybe because they wanted to play other songs, maybe because they’ve heard that Hungarian people prefer older ones, but the track list was very different from the day before. There was Californication, Otherside, Snow, we’ve been Under the Bridge… Have we got a CD release? Not exactly. They only played 4-5 songs from the new album, which is roughly the quarter of the whole evening. And you can be annoyed, but I bet everybody was hoping that they would do the same if they haven’t seen them for 20 years. We got a nostalgic-singing together best of concert, which was perfect to me.

I haven’t read any kind of critique before the night, but the light was expected to be amazing. I guess there are other and so much better ways to explain the mechanism of this incredible gadget, but I’ve only seen some well-designed water glasses that knew how and where should they be colorful to make one beautiful picture. You can say ‘Yeaaahh, I missed the whole concert because of these up-and-down lamps!’, but everybody who wanted to make some noise, they did.

All in all Red Hot Chili Peppers proved twice that they can’t be in Hungary just in every 20 years, and we hope they’ll be back soon!


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